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The Gift of Seeing Through Others’ Eyes

At HarperOne, we have the privilege of publishing more than thirty titles by the late, great C. S. Lewis. While Lewis has many fans, they tend to split into three groups: fans of children’s fantasy books stemming from his seven-volume … read more »

My Father’s Code: Faith, Family, and Service

Like most members of the Greatest Generation, my father, Roddie Edmonds, a humble American soldier from East Tennessee, rarely spoke about his experiences during World War II. Not even I knew the full details of Roddie’s capture at the Battle … read more »

When Christians Lost Jesus

The latest work by veteran Christian activist Jim Wallis is meant to stir things up. Just as he did in the past, especially in his best-known work, the New York Times bestseller God’s Politics, once again Jim names the crucial … read more »

For the Frustratedly Christian, the Formerly Christian, and the Barely Christian by Peter Enns

Well, I went and did it. I went and wrote another book on the Bible. Is there something wrong with me? Probably. Who knows. But let me get to my point. I actually had a reason for writing How the … read more »

The Problem with “Progressive” Christians

I do not like the label “progressive” Christian. Not that the adjective is inaccurate but it assumes a broader context that troubles me. While it is fine to be known for being pro-gay marriage or pro-immigrant or being biased toward … read more »

A Little Book of Big Ideas by Alexandre Mars

Giving has always been a pillar of Abrahamic religions, and most people of faith today continue to observe some form of tithing on a regular basis. The money raised in weekly offerings helps congregations operate and reach out to the … read more »

Staving Off the Apocalypse with a Thousand Points of Light

During the last week of 2018, I continued my practice of fasting from all TV news (and their pernicious attempts to upset me) and trying to focus, as often as possible, on reading newspaper stories without the president’s name in … read more »

Unexpected Turns by Diana Butler Bass

Autumn has arrived. If you live in a place with four seasons, you know what to expect. In the coming weeks, the days grow shorter, the leaves will change, and fall harvest will fill our markets with abundance. Familiar holidays … read more »

The Spirituality of Death

Just like parents say they don’t have a favorite child, editors try not to have favorite authors or books that they work on. But if I were to pick a favorite from the last couple years, Caleb Wilde and his … read more »

Why Are We No Longer Scandalized by Church Scandals?

A friend recently asked me, “Do you think evangelicalism has a future?” Like me, he was the father of adult children who were raised in the church but for whom it is an open question whether they will be there … read more »