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ADDICTION AND GRACE Reading and Discussion Guide

CHAPTER 1 Desire: Addiction and Human Freedom In the first chapter of Addiction and Grace, May describes the empty longing we all feel inside; “whether we are consciously religious or not, this desire is our deepest longing and our most precious treasure.” Do … read more »


INTRODUCTION: AFTER JESUS Have you ever, as Bass addresses in the Introduction, felt that you needed to qualify your Christianity to others based on widespread assumptions of what being a “Christian” means in today’s world? Have you ever described yourself as “spiritual, but not religious?” … read more »

THE GREATEST PRAYERDiscussion Questions

Prologue Before you begin the book, what are your impressions of the Lord’s Prayer? What do you think it was about? Crossan reveals the poetic parallelism of the prayer. How does its literary structure change how you approach and interpret … read more »