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An Excerpt from Jenifer Lewis’s The Mother of Black Hollywood

I am a born entertainer. Even as a little girl, I dreamed of being a star. I went to Miss Vera and asked to sing a solo in the annual church program called “The Old Ship of Zion.” About ten … read more »

A Smaller Exodus?: An Excerpt from Richard Elliott Friedman’s The Exodus

The principal points that people generally bring up in doubting the exodus are mostly about numbers: We have found no remnant of the two million people in the Sinai region. We have found no widespread material culture of Egypt in … read more »

Sneak Peek: Deborah Calling by Avraham Azrieli

Deborah woke up and found a pig licking her face. She pushed the animal away, sat up, and looked around. The stream ran only steps away, the sound of its constant flow masking the noise from the various campsites up … read more »

An Excerpt from Life on Purpose: How Living for What Matters Most Changes Everything by Victor J. Strecher

You might have seen the “marshmallow test”—a test of delayed gratification and willpower. An adult brings a young child into a room and gives them a marshmallow, telling the child that they could eat the marshmallow right away, but if … read more »

An Excerpt from Saving Alex
By Alex Cooper with Joanna Brooks

When Alex Cooper was fifteen, she told her Mormon parents that she was gay, and they drove her from their home in Southern California to Utah, handing her over to fellow Mormons who promised they could cure her of her … read more »

An Excerpt from Way of Love by Norman Wirzba

Christianity at its deepest level gives us a vision of the world as the fully sensual manifestation of God’s love and then provides us with the practices by which we can respond to this gift. It is an invitation to … read more »

“The Religious Myth of a Cosmic Car Wash”
An Excerpt from Preparing for Heaven: What Dallas Willard Taught Me About Living, Dying, and Eternal Life
By Gary Black Jr.

Dallas recognized better than anyone I have ever known why my grandmother and countless other Christians like her find it so difficult to experience the change they desire in their lives and their characters. Dallas understood how religious views and … read more »

“God With(in) the World”
An Excerpt from Grounded by Diana Butler Bass

Here in the labyrinth, I struggle to find words to describe what I feel. Up on the mountaintop, I knew the language to describe God: majestic, transcendent, all-powerful, heavenly Father, Lord, and King. In this vocabulary, God remains stubbornly located … read more »

An Excerpt from The Zimzum of Love by Rob and Kristen Bell

We’re for marriage, and we want to give you a new way of understanding marriage. We call this way The Zimzum of Love. Which of course raises the question, what’s a zimzum? Zimzum (originally tzimtzum) is a Hebrew word used … read more »

God’s Call to Leaders

An Excerpt from Dallas Willard and Gary Black’s The Divine Conspiracy Continued Let us start by clarifying the major point of this work as straightforwardly as possible. God’s “divine conspiracy” is to overcome the human kingdoms of this world with … read more »